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Creative Genetics imports only the top proven bulls from Sweden and Denmark from Viking Genetics.

We distribute Swedish Red, Red Dane, Danish Jersey and Holstein all over the United States. Viking Genetics has more than 20,000 members in Denmark and Sweden and an annual sale of almost 3 mill. doses of semen. Viking Genetics tests 500 bulls annually and is hence among the world’s largest breeding societies. We use cutting-edge technology including genomic selection and semen sexing. The breeding goals are the same in both countries focusing on:

• Health
• Reproduction
• Functional traits
• Yield
• Functional conformation

Viking Genetics has an effective breeding program, and we co-operate closely with Nordic EBV on breeding values.

montbeliarde semen distributor

Creative Genetics imports the best proven Montbeliarde bulls from France. Montbeliarde semen is distributed all over the U.S.

The Montbeliarde breed is renowned for its high level of performance. It also offers many qualities that have enabled it to make a name for itself amongst the dairy population worldwide. It represents an alternative to ultra-specialized dairy livestock and it meets the requirements of all cattle breeders because of its strength and its adaptability.
Farmers from every continent have adopted it, and they find that working with these animals is extremely rewarding. It is currently finding its niche in the big dairy herds in the United States.

semen distributior

We also import some of the best Proven bulls from France through Genes Diffusion.

With a cooperative background, GENES DIFFUSION has a long experience in the bovine field. Founded in 1948, GENES DIFFUSION has been a major actor for nearly 60 years in genetic selection and bovine reproduction. Genes Diffusion has a wide range of top quality bulls, including stars such as Jesther and Roumare.

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