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Every crossbreeding program needs a plan and a dairyman commited to that plan. The PROCROSS system provides the best plan.

Our Company has more experience with dairy crossbreeding than any other company in the world. We have used many different breeds to try to find the ones that rose to the top. We have found them:

Montbeliarde x Swedish Red x Holstein or
Swedish Red x Montbeliarde x Holstein

The PROCROSS is by far the most sucsessful cross. The PROCROSS herd has the promise of 25% extra profit! And that's based not only on years of crossbreeding experiences, but also backed by University Research and California State Data that confirms our beliefs.

We have thousands of PROCROSS cows milking thrughout the US. They are extremely nice looking, tall and strong and about as nice as you could expect them to be. They have extremely nice udders, high production and low SCC. This reassures us that the PROCROSS is the way to go! They are getting pregnant much quicker than herdmates with SCC well below 100,000. They are very well balanced between strength and dairy character. They are extremely pleasing to the eye! Average weight fresh: 1200-1250 lbs. At the end of the 1st lactation: 1300-1450 lbs. Read more about the PROCROSS and its profitability here >>>

So if you are about to start your crossbreeding PROCROSS program now, we recommend to breed the Holstein cow to either the Montbeliarde or the Swedish Red breed. Here is what you can expect from these "F1" crosses:

Montbeliarde x Holstein
A cow about as tall as your Holstein but with 200 lbs more body condition. Slope to the rump with tremendous feet and legs. They are maturing into a big, strong dairy cow with a hidden will to milk and the oldest ones are now in their fifth lactation with a 20% yearly cull rate. The Montbeliarde cross is producing at the same level as pure Holsteins. Average weight fresh: 1250-1300 lbs. At the end of the 1st lactation: 1350-1650 lbs.

Swedish Red x Holstein
They are dairy cows with better body condition than Holsteins, especially in late lactation. More substance of bone with a better leg than Holsteins. They are out producing A. I. Sired Holstein by 7% with a lower SCC and good reproduction. The Swedish Red breed has both strenght and dairy character. This breed is known as a calving ease breed with the average calving difficulty of 4.2%. Average weight fresh: 1100-1250 lbs. At the end of the 1st lactation: 1300-1400 lbs.

Please do not confuse the Swedish Red with other scandinavian dairy breeds. The Swedish Red is the highest producing with the best type.


If you desire a 4th breed, we recommend using the Red Dane.

Red Dane x Montbeliarde x Swedish Red x Holstein or
Red Dane x Swedish Red x Montbeliarde x Holstein

The Red Dane breed is a cross bred breed. We have extreemely nice looking and high producing Red Danes crosses. Because they are a croos bred breed, we would recommend that you consult us before you begining this program.


If you have already starded your crossbreeding program using Jerseys on Holsteins, in order to get the best outcome, we believe that the Montbeliarde breed should be used as the third breed.

Montbeliarde x Jersey x Holstein
Extremely nice udders with outstanding feet and legs. Slightly bigger than the Holstein/Jersey cross with more body condition. Outstanding for Fat and Protein percentages.

Or if you would like a smaller cow, your choice should be the Swedish Red:

Swedish Red x Jersey x Holstein
The perfect size if you like 1050-1300 lbs cows. More substance of bone, better body condition, and better feet and legs compared to Jersey/Holstein crosses. Very high milk production.


We have tried the Brown Swiss, Jersey, Norwegian Red, Ayrshire, Normande, Milking Shorthorn and their combinations in large enough numbers to make a comparison. We found them somewhat disappointing. All of these breeds have been discontinued by our company. They did not meet our specifications either for type and/or production.

Some of our competitors are trying to promote a disaster called "Flip Flop". They were Jersey/Holsteins or Holstein/Jerseys that were bred back to one of the parent breeds. They consistently were very low production and exreemely inconsistent on type.

If you need new information or assistance with a crossbreeding program, please feel free to contact us with ANY questions you might have; 800-640-BULL(2855).


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